Turfsavers Tree Farm, LLC.

Nursery in Belgium, WI that offers a full range of services including:
Landscaping, Trees for Sale, Tree Planting and Moving.

"Make a better tomorrow, plant a tree today."

Landscape Construction

Turfsavers Tree Farm also has years of experience in constructing landscape designs that can compliment all types of properties.  They can tailor the design to fit your residential or commercial property.  Retaining walls, like the one shown, are used to keep your soil from eroding away.  They can be built next to driveways, on lakefront property, or anywhere you may have problems with erosion.  They can also create layers on your property and are a great way to show off landscaping conveniently on hills.

Varieties of Landscape Construction and Design

Retaining Walls

Patios and Walkways


Flagstone Paving



(fire pit kits are also available through Turfsavers Tree Farm)