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Evergreen Trees

When selecting trees to have planted on your property, you must determine what the purpose will be, and if the area you would like to plant has the correct soil type.  Examine the intended planting space for good soil drainage, adequate sunlight and sufficient space to accommodate the desired evergreen tree at its mature size. Allow for clear access to driveways, sidewalks and entryways. Determine whether the tree's growth will affect any overhead utility lines. 

The trees that you are selecting may be used as screening trees in order to provide privacy from your nosey neighbors or peeping Toms.

Evergreens retain their leaves all year round as opposed to deciduous plants which lose all their foliage for a proportion of the year leaving them bare. Old leaves shed soon after the new leaves appear. Leaf persistence lasts for one to five years in some cases with the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine lasting up to forty-five years.

Evergreens provide wonderful year round interest whether in the countryside national parks of Sierra Nevada where magnificent Giant Sequoia grow or the humble dwarf conifers in your own garden. For the gardener, they also provide essential structure or 'bones' of garden design. Choosing the right evergreens will give you long-term enjoyment with the satisfaction of easy care. Choose the wrong evergreen and you will have a constant battle controlling its growth!


I hear the wind among the trees
Playing the celestial symphonies;
I see the branches downward bent,
Like keys of some great instrument.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In difficult times when hardly any nutrients are available, evergreen plants have a distinct survival advantage. Though their leaves and needles must be capable of withstanding cold including severe drought, they are less efficient at photosynthesis (The process used by green plants to turn the energy of sunlight into chemical reactions that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and also produces sugars that feed the plant).

In warmer climates with both poor soil and ground conditions, some evergreens such as pines and cypresses species grow very well.

In regions with cold or dry seasons there are good survival reasons for a plant being deciduous. The existence of evergreen plants usually indicates an adaptation to low nutrient levels. Deciduous trees, for example, lose their nutrients whenever they drop their leaves. It is essential for the tree to replenish these lost nutrients from the soil so as to build new leaves and promote growth.

Evergreen Trees for Sale
Frasier Fir
Soft silvery-blue-green needles on this excellent ornamental tree. Great for Christmas trees. Will tolerate part shade. 40'. Zone 5

Dark Green American Arborvitae
One of the best varieties for cold climates. Retains its deep dark green color throughout the year. Easy to prune. Full sun. 20'-30' x 5'-6'. Zone 3

Concolor Fir
Considered one of the finest landscape conifers! Excellent, tough landscape plant with beautiful foliage. Best sighted in full sun to light shade. Dislikes poorly drained sights. Will grow on sandy or gravely sights. 50' x 20' . Zone 3

Sea Green Juniper
Sea Green Juniper has attractive mint-green foliage on graceful, fountain like arching branches. Makes an excellent evergreen for foundation landscapes. Foliage darkens in cold weather. Reaches 4'-6' high and wide. Zone 4

Scotch Pine

This fast growing pine has short, rigid, blue-green needles. Best in full sun. 60' x 40'. Zone 3

Black Hills Spruce
The Black Hills Spruce is a shapely 'Christmas Tree' type evergreen with short, blue-green needles. Shears easily. Use as a specimen, hedge or windbreak. Reaches 35'-45' x 25'-30'.  Full sun.

Emerald Green Arborvitae
Emerald Green Arborvitae has a compact and pyramidal form that holds its color well through winter. Emerald green colored foliage. Reaches 10'-15' tall and 3'-4' wide. Full sun. Zone 3

Blue Star Juniper

Blue Star is a prostrate Juniper that maintains an outstanding blue color all season. Does best in full sun or light shade. Compact growth habit needs very little shearing. Reaches 2' tall and spreads 4'. Zone 4

Skyrocket Juniper
A very narrow columnar form reaching 15'- 20' high. Silvery blue-green needle like foliage. Adaptable to moist soils. Drought resistant. Full sun. Zone 3. 15'-20' x 3'-4'

Taunton Spreading Yew
This spreading evergreen has short dark green needles and is very hardy. Taunton has excellent resistance to wind burn. Grows well in both sun and shade and is a very popular accent, specimen or foundation plant. Can be trimmed. Reaches 3-4' x 4-6'.

Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado Spruce is a beautiful spruce that has a broad and pyramidal shape. The dense foliage needs little shearing. Excellent as a specimen, hedge or a windbreak. Likes fully exposed, well drained locations. Full sun. Reaches 40'- 60' x 10'-20'. Zone 3

Pyramidal Arborvitae
Pyramidal Arborvitae is a fast growing, narrow, and cone shaped evergreen. The foliage is bright green and is soft to the touch. The shape is easily maintained by minimal pruning. Full sun. Reaches 15'-25'high and 3'-8' wide. Zone 3

Broadmoor Juniper
A hardy, low spreader with a dense mounding form. The foliage has a rich green color with a slight blue cast. Best in sun and well drained soil. Reaches 12" high and spreads 3'-5'.  Zone 3

Austrian Pine
The Austrian Pine is the darkest green of all the pines. The heavy, long needles have a strong pine-like fragrance. Vigorous, dense grower. Tolerates heat, cold, and adverse conditions. Tolerant of poor soils. Reaches 50' x 20'. Full sun. Zone 3

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