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How to Properly Store Your Firewood

Now that you have just gotten a cord or two of seasoned firewood delivered from Turfsavers, now how do you store it? See the different methods of storing your firewood. Just remember, keep it off of the ground, and it should be have some cover.  Don't suffocate it though, make sure there is some air circulation for it to breathe and stay dry.

Under a Firewood Overhang or Shed

You can buy commercial materials for your firewood storage or use re-purposed materials and build an overhang that can keep your wood dry, but open to the air. There are many kits you can purchase at large home improvement stores, otherwise there are plenty of great designs online that re-purpose pallets into firewood storage sheds. 

In a Building

If you have a building with plenty of ventilation like Turfsavers Tree Farm has to store your firewood, that would be ideal. Don't leave it outside uncovered to rot and become useless.  If your building has a concrete or dirt floor, do not store the wood directly on it. The wood sitting on the concrete or dirt can soak up moisture from the flooring. Put pallets down, or some type of air gap between the seasoned split wood and the floor, so there is proper air circulation to keep everything dry. 

A Corn Crib

Many farmers in Wisconsin have old corn cribs that are no longer being used. This is a perfect way to store your firewood. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all work about the same. They keep most of the rain and precipitation off of the firewood, but they allow air to circulate around the firewood to keep it dry and seasoned.

Book End Type or Log Rack

One simple solution is the book end type system also known as a log rack. It consists of two sides with a cover on top of the firewood. The wood is up off of the ground and has plenty of ventilation. Again, this system can be purchased at a store, or made from re-purposed materials and a tarp. 

These are just some suggestions to help your firewood's longevity before you burn it. Seasoned firewood should be stored in these manners, so that they will not be wet when you go to burn it and if stored properly it will produce their max BTU's. Your seasoned firewood that is delivered by Turfsavers should be burned in a reasonable amount of time from receipt. It is still organic material and if left in the elements for a long period of time it will start breaking down and returning to the earth. If you have any questions on firewood storage consult your Wisconsin firewood experts at Turfsavers Tree Farm.


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