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Landscaping Supplies

Turfsavers Tree Farm offers a full selection of landscaping supplies.  These supplies include but are not limited to mulch, stone, gravel, staking kits, soaker hoses, pavers, fire pit kits and many other landscaping supplies!  Turfsavers Tree Farm takes pride in the quality craftsmanship of their landscaping contracts.  With years of experience, they can create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary for you to enjoy and relax in.  They also offer trees for sale to enhance your landscape design.  Feel free to schedule a landscaping consultation.  Turfsavers tree farm would be more than happy to create the perfect landscape scheme for your, business, home, or garden. 

Landscaping enhancements can be used to make your home stand out in the crowd of homes for sale.  Many times, all of the houses on the block are cookie cutter houses and all look the same! Why not jazz up your yard with some landscaping, shrubs, or trees.  Just by enhancing your outdoor landscape, it may be enough to catch the eye of that next owner!  



Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has
been, I have great faith in a seed.  Convince me that you have a seed
there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.
- Henry David Thoreau

Mulch and Soil Selection





Red/Black/Brown Environmental Mulch








Hardwood Mulch









Sifted Topsoil










 Fill Dirt








$29.00 per yard








$26.00 per yard









$18.00 per yard










Please Call for Price. 


Stone Selection





White or Yellow Pea Gravel

(Sizes 3/8"  and 3/4" Available)









Crushed Stone
(Sizes 3/4" to 2 1/2" Available)







Fine, Bank Run, and Mason Sand




Please Call for Prices on Stone Materials.


Tree Staking Supplies









Tree Staking Kit
(materials vary; price is based on tree size)













 Soaker Hoses
Easy way to make sure your tree does not get over watered!
Highly recommended by Turfsavers Tree Farm.
(Price depends on size)

Fire Pits







Fire Pit Kits
Available in pavers, flagstone, or rock.
(Price depends on materials used)

Landscape Material Delivery Fee

Trucking Fee:

$25.00 per load up to 3 miles radius of Tree Farm
$30.00 per load up to 5 mile radius of Tree Farm
$35.00 per load up to 10 mile radius of Tree Farm
$40.00 per load up to 15 mile radius of Tree Farm
$45.00 per load up to 20 mile radius of Tree Farm
$50.00 per load up to 25 mile radius of Tree Farm

Turfsavers Tree Farm Services

Turfsavers Tree Farm offers a full range of services seven days a week, by appointment only, for tree planting, tree sales, landscape supplies, and landscape construction needs.

Tree Services


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