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Shade trees help cool down your house in the summer by providing shade from the powerful warming rays of the sun.  This may reduce your need for air conditioning in the summer.  In the winter, trees may break some of the chilling wind blowing at your house, thus lowering your heating costs.

Shade trees are the most sought after trees in the United States. Shade trees are usually the first plant chosen for the front and back yards of new homes. Business parks and recreational parks choose shade trees to beautify the landscape and provide habitat for birds and small mammals. Shade trees also reduce heating and cooling costs of houses and buildings and increase property values. They reduce the heat reflected from paved or asphalted areas and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Fast growing shade trees provide for a ?welcome home? feeling to urban neighborhoods. The stature, strength, and their potential for long life provide a sense of permanence and as living memorials for the residents who planted and nurtured the shade tree.

The success of any shade tree planting process begins by choosing the proper shade tree for the growing conditions in each individual site. Consider the following growing conditions: soil drainage, soil type, available sunlight, space available, existing plants and trees, and all above and below ground utilities. Choose a shade tree that will perform well in the local climate and one that meets the zone requirements. Tree placement in the landscape is another important consideration. Select a shade tree that fits into the space available. The right tree in the right place will prevent root issues that affect sidewalks, driveways, foundations, and septic systems. Shade trees are the largest elements in the landscape. Very large shade trees compliment large homes but may overwhelm smaller houses. Shade tree selection for bold fall color can and will provide pleasure for the eye in the autumn season for years to come.

Alone with myself
The trees bend to caress me
The shade hugs my heart.
~Candy Polgar

Shade Trees for Sale

Heritage River Birch (Clump)
     Heritage River Birch is a vigorous grower with a pyramidal shaped canopy. The light green foliage turns yellow in the fall. Heritage is Bronze Birch Borer resistant and can reach 40' x 30'. Exfoliating bark adds to seasonal interest. Birch trees are very adaptable to most soil conditions. It was voted the 2002 Urban Tree of the Year by the Society of Municipal Arborists. Zone 4.

Crimson King Maple
     Known for its outstanding maroon-red color and its straight trunk and well shaped head. Slow grower. 35' x 35'. Zone 4

Emerald Queen Maple
     Emerald Queen is one of the most widely used culitvars within the Norway family. The tree sports very attractive green foliage that turns yellow in fall. It is a well shaped oval tree with good environmental tolerance. Zone 4, Reaches 50' x 40'.

Red Oak
     Red Oak is a large, fast growing, broad headed tree. Large leaves turn deep red in fall. Zone 4, Reaches 60' x 50'

Cordata Linden
     This little leaf Linden has glossy dark foliage and fragrant flowers in early summer. Virtually disease free and adapts well to all soils including poor soils. 40 x 30. Zone 4

Celebration Maple
     This rapid growing tree not only offers good drought tolerance but also has a very nice golden yellow fall color. The tree grows in most soils and has strong crotch angles. Does well in sun or shade and is seedless. Nice compact and upright growth habit. Zone 4, Reaches 45' x 20-25'

Fall Fiesta Maple
     This rapid growing tree is superior to other sugar maples.  Dark green foliage turns orange-red in fall. Another spectacular sugar maple variety. Zone 3, Reaches 50' x 50'

Norway Maple
     Norway is an adaptable tree that was introduced to the U.S. in colonial times. The canopy becomes rounded as it develops. The dark green foliage turns shades of yellow in the fall. Zone 4, 45' x 40.

Royal Red Maple
     Royal Red Maple is a norway maple that is noted for its deep purple foliage through out the growing season. Though it is slow growing, it adds the impact of its deep foliage to the landscape.  Rounded canopy with age. Zone 4, Reaches 35' x 25'.


Bur Oak

     Bur Oak has attractive corky bark, a thick trunk and stout branches. This native tolerates a wide range of soil types and air pollutants.Dark green foliage turns yellow in fall. Zone 3, Reaches 55' x 55'.

Swamp White Oak

     Swamp White Oak is a beautiful native tree with lustrous heavily textured leaves. It is well adapted to wet and upland soils. Green foliage turns yellow in fall. Zone 4, Reaches 45' x 45'.


Royal Frost Birch (Clump)

      A cross between Whitespire and Crimson Frost, Royal Frost has the best from both its parents. From Whitespire its inherited the beautiful white bark & resistance to Bronze Birch Borer. From Crimson Frost comes the burgundy-red foliage. This combo makes for an outstanding specimen tree. Fast growing. 30' x 15' Zone 4

Reniassance Reflection Birch
     Distinctly pyramidal habit on this rapid growing birch will add to any landscape. Brilliant white exfoliating bark with outstanding yellow fall color. 60' x 25' Zone 3

Red Sunset Maple
     Red sunset maple trees are relatively fast growers.. Red sunset maple trees prefer full sun, but will also grow in full shade. They are widely adaptable in the soils in which they grow. Hardy in zones three through eight.

Skyline Honeylocust
      Skyline is the most widely used thornless Honeylocust cultivar. Its broadly pyramidal shape, well behaved form and environmental tolerance make it a good choice for street trees and parks. Skyline offers a golden fall color and can reach 45' x 35'. Zone 4

Redmond Linden
     Redmond linden grows rapidly and develops a large caliper trunk as a young tree, becoming pyramidal and symmetrical as it matures. The large leaves give it a coarser textured appearance. Yellow fall color. Zone 3, Reaches 40' x 25'

Deborah Maple
     Deborah is a beautiful tree in spring and early summer when new leaves emerge a bright red color. During the summer, the tree becomes dark bronze-green before turning yellow-bronze for fall. Broadly oval to rounded. Zone 3, Reaches 45' x 40'

Marmo Maple
     Marmo maple is a seedless hybrid of the red and silver maple. Its growth rate and form are similar to a silver maple, while its fall color is that of the red maple. Shows good resistance to frost cracking. Zone 3, Reaches 60' x 35'

Norwegian Sunset Maple
     Norwegian Sunset is an upright to oval shaped tree with an outstanding yellow-orange fall color. The tree has a very nice branch structure and a uniform canopy. The summer foliage is dark glossy green. Reaches 35' x 25'. Zone 4

Sienna Glen Maple

     Sienna Glen is a cross between the red maple and the silver maple. It is a fast growing tree with a strong central leader and develops a pyramidal form with minimal pruning. This is a tough, low maintenance tree with a rusty orange to burgundy fall color. Zone 3, Reaches 50' x 40'.

Pin Oak

     Pin Oak has a strong central leader with branches that are slender and horizontally layed giving it an elegant appearance. Green foliage turns orange-red in fall. Pyramidal shape. Zone 4, Reaches 55' x 40'.

Weeping Willow

     The Weeping Willow is the standard tree among the Willows. It is a fast growing and widely adapatble tree with golden colored bark and light green foliage. The Willow does well in areas that are moist. 50' x 50'






Autumn Blaze Maple
     A hybrid of rubrum and silver maples, the rapid growing, seedless  Autumn Blaze combines great drought tolerance and the beauty of the brilliant red fall color all in one tree. This adaptable shade tree is a proven performer. Zone 3, Reaches 50' x 40'

Shademaster Honeylocust
     Shademaster features a vase shaped to rectangular outline. This thornless tree is a nice tree for street plantings as its upright branching structure lends itself well to pruning. Also makes a nice shade tree on a large lot. Yellow fall color. Zone 4, Reaches 45' x 35'.

Greenspire Linden
     Greenspire Linden has a strong central leader, a very uniform branch arrangement and a symmetrical, pyramidal form. The dark green foliage turns an attractive hue of yellow in the fall. Zone 4, Reaches 40' x 30'

Sunburst Honeylocust
     Sunburst is noted for its bright golden yellow foilage that is seen on the new growth. The yellow contrasts nicely with the darker interior foliage. The  thornless Sunburst has a more rectangular shape and offers a yellow to brown fall color. Zone 4, Reaches 40' x 35'.

Burgundy Belle Maple
     Burgundy Belle maple has an excellent symmetrical branching habit and also exhibits excellent heat and drought resistance. The dark green foliage turns a stunning red in fall before fading to shades of intense burgundy. Oval to round canopy. Zone 4, Reaches 45' x 45'

Emerald Lustre Maple
     Emerald Lustre is a vigorous selection that forms a rounded canopy. The tree was selected for its tendancy to branch out heavily when young. The fall color is yellow and is hardy to zone 3. Reaches 45' x 45'

Northwoods Maple
     Northwood is a red maple cultivar, and is one of the hardiest cultivars available. It has a straight trunk and a good branch structure. Oval to rounded shape with a lovely red fall color. Zone 3, 40' x 35'


Pacific Sunset Maple
     Pacific Sunset offers outstanding glossy summer foliage that changes to tints of yellow, red and orange in the fall. The Pacific Sunset has a brilliant orange/red fall color that is one of the last of the maples to color.  Upright and spreading crown. Zone 4, Reaches 30' x 25'

Variegated Maple

     Variegated Maple is an unusual specimen tree that is certain to draw attention. The leaves are green with an attractive creamy white margin. Yellow fall color, broadly oval shape canopy. Zone 4, Reaches 50' x 240.



Red Oak
     Red Oak is a large, fast growing, broad headed tree. Large leaves turn deep red in fall. Zone 4, Reaches 60' x 50'.








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