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Warranty for Planting Services

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Turfsavers Tree Farm Planting

Turfsavers Tree Farm comes with a two year warranty on all of the trees, large or small, that we plant.   We offer a warranty for your protection. We want you to be assured that your tree will be thriving after it has crossed all four seasons and the different impact each season imposes on your tree.  After we plant your tree, we recommend that you visit our Tree Maintenance page and follow the guidelines carefully.  If for any reason Turfsavers Tree Farm feels that you have not cared for your tree properly the warranty will be null and void.  The warranty covers half the price of the tree.

Planting Your Own Tree Purchased from Turfsavers Tree Farm

If you purchase your trees from Turfsavers Tree Farm and decide to plant them yourself, then you will have a one year warranty, half the price of the trees.  Directions will be given on planting your new trees, but if you do not remember, we recommend that you visit the Tree Maintenance page on the Turfsavers Tree Farm website.  There are 9 easy to follow steps to planting your tree, and follow the watering directions as well.  If Turfsavers Tree Farm feels for any reason that you did not follow the detailed guidelines in the Tree Maintenance page on this website, the warranty will be null and void. 

Our Promise to You

All of the trees at Turfsavers Tree Farm are carefully raised for quality and longevity.  Any tree that does not survive after being planted at your property will be replaced by Turfsavers Tree Farm free of charge!* 

*All trees must be determined by Turfsavers Tree Farm to be well maintained according to the guidelines in the Tree Maintenance page on this website.

Turfsavers Tree Farm Services

Turfsavers Tree Farm offers a full range of services seven days a week, by appointment only, for tree planting, tree sales, landscape supplies, and landscape construction needs.

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