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Wisconsin Hardwood Firewood Types


 Sugar Maple

In Wisconsin, sugar maple is readily available and produces 24.0 million BTU's per cord. It is a dense wood that produces a higher amount of heat than other hardwoods and is a good choice in the fireplace or wood burner. It is recommended to use seasoned hardwood firewood in your fireplace or wood burning stove in order to reduce your creosote build up in your chimney. Since creosote is highly flammable and it creates the biggest potential hazard when using a fireplace, it’s wise to try and minimize the amount of buildup that occurs. Failure to remove creosote from the flue can result in a deadly chimney fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Burn hot fires with seasoned hardwoods that burn at higher BTU's and be sure your fire has plenty of air in order to reduce your creosote build up.

ugar maple will produce 24.0 million BTU's per cord - See more at: http://www.firewood-for-life.com/maple-firewood.html#sthash.VunMBnD1.dpuf


Wisconsin has an abundant amount of Ash trees and this type of hardwood produces 23.6 million BTU's per cord. It a common Wisconsin firewood and is known for having low moisture content, splits easily, and is user friendly for fireplaces and wood burners as well.



Mixed Hardwood Firewood in Wisconsin commonly has Oak in it. Seasoned Oak Firewood produces 22.7 million BTU's per cord. It is a dense hardwood that can have a higher moisture content.


Hickory trees grow very well in Wisconsin's soils and climate. They are used as firewood as well as flooring and furniture. It can produce 27.7 million BTU's per cord and is easily burned in the fireplace. Wisconsin Firewood suppliers say that hickory is one of the best firewoods for burning. It can burn even hotter than oak or maple.



There have been many trees that have died in Wisconsin due to the Dutch Elm Disease. As long as the trees are harvested before they start breaking down, it is a very good wood to be used as a firewood. It produces 20 million BTU's per cord, which is lower than the other woods, but is still adequate in a fireplace or wood burner.


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